""The relative cost savings over traditional GPS gear were 70%, from over $10,000 to around $3,000; but the biggest savings was in productivity, especially the time spent processing and entering data. With the exact same project two years ago, we had to manually upload and post-field process data. TerraGo Edge easily saved us four hours per day that we previously had to spend processing data." -Michael Archer, Project Manager at Kleinfelder, a leading provider of surveying, environmental and engineering services. Learn More.

TerraGo survey and mapping solutions are helping organizations in every industry replace expensive, proprietary GPS handhelds and outdated software with a modern mobile solution that delivers dramatic cost and productivity improvements.

There may have been a time when it made sense to spend $10,000 or more to put a GPS handheld device in each of your field workers' hands. But with many already owning Apple and Android devices with built-in GPS, you no longer need to spend that much money on "one-size-fits-all" survey equipment anymore.

Organizations have unique requirements when it comes to accuracy levels (from cm-5m) and operating environments (from dense forest canopy to narrow urban corridors). Some organization’s needs are met with the on-board GPS of their employee’s iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Others need real-time centimeter accuracy from a GPS receiver seamlessly connected via Bluetooth to their mobile phones and tablets. Many organizations could save thousands of dollars by leveraging mobile devices to meet their accuracy needs, instead of spending their budgets on overpriced proprietary GPS handhelds.

With TerraGo Edge, organizations have the flexibility to choose among on-board GPS and compatible GPS receivers that meet their accuracy, operations and budget needs. They can even mix and match receivers among different types of users to give each employee exactly what they need – and nothing more. Long gone are the days when the accuracy requirement meant being locked-in to GPS handhelds with their exorbitant costs, outdated operating systems, post-processing software, proprietary data and downright embarrassing hardware, processor and memory performance.

TerraGo Edge works with all the leading survey-grade GPS receivers, including the latest Bluetooth-enabled line of Trimble ® GNSS units, to meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of proprietary handhelds.