Mobile Data Collection

Leverage your aerial imagery as part of a cloud-based mobile data collection solution with seamless access to drone imagery for web, smartphone and tablet users. Products included are TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Magic.

TerraGo’s mobile platforms, Edge & Magic, extend the collaboration capability of GeoPDF drone imagery to smartphones and tablets and cloud-based workflows. Users can seamlessly import GeoPDF with “Open In”, so whenever users have access to a GeoPDF map as an email attachment, downloaded file or hyperlink, they can easily import drone imagery into TerraGo Edge or a private-labeled Magic app on their mobile devices. From there, users can:

  • Share the drone imagery as a mobile basemap that's always accessible, even without a network connection
  • Customize smart forms for asset inspections, surveys and data collection projects
  • Achieve survey-grade accuracy with built-in support for Bluetooth GNSS receivers
  • Share digital notebooks including drone imagery, maps and forms with mobile workers
  • Synchronize live updates from the field, dispatch, track and manage crew locations in real-time

With TerraGo mobile solutions and drone imagery GeoPDF basemaps, organizations can connect the workforce on the ground with a bird's eye view of operations.