Using TerraGo Edge, Empire Electric has eliminated paper forms, accelerated estimates, work order approvals and site inspections while using smartphones and tablets to give their customers a real-time view of any job site at any time to improve service and lower costs. "We’ve eliminated delays in all phases of the project from estimates to work orders to change orders, all the way through to inspections, invoicing and maintenance. Once you start working without paper, you start to see the power of your mobile devices and on-site data to transform customer service" - Edwin Quintanilla, Vice President of Operations. Learn More.

Due to the dispersed nature of construction work, project managers require simple tracking tools to coordinate and share project data between personnel in the field and report progress updates to project stakeholders and managers. Construction projects are often complex, multiyear ventures that involve careful monitoring, coordination and management. Efficient progress tracking, integration with existing information systems and geospatial analytical capabilities are critical to the overall success of a project. Technologies need to be portable and easy-to-use by project stakeholders and non-technical field workers alike.

TerraGo’s GeoPDF® technology can be easily integrated into construction project workflows with minimal investment and training. GeoPDF enables construction companies with greater control over the geospatial intelligence they create, by maximizing the value of an organization’s existing GIS infrastructure. Users can access, update and share intelligence, no matter where they are located -with minimal training. GeoPDF streamlines business processes - improving the timeliness of the data in the system of record for informed decision-making.

Construction companies constantly need to provide status reports to measure and maintain progress. From job site progress to site-safety inspections and equipment maintenance, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything going on at once. Traditionally, collection by paper forms has made this a slow and onerous task that reduces accuracy and delays response time.

TerraGo Edge makes it easy for construction workers to record observations and immediately sync that information back to home base or headquarters. No more waiting months, or even days for survey or inspection results.

Project managers or foremen can use TerraGo Edge to create notebooks with tasks, custom forms and offline maps. These notebooks can then be assigned to teams to use offsite, even in remote locations without connectivity.

For example, a project manager might set up forms to regularly fill out safety conditions at a job site (number of injuries, most recent inspection date, etc). They might also have a form for each construction site to monitor progress of various subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, etc).

Simplify your workflow, increase project visibility, maintain project time-lines and save money by using TerraGo Edge to manage your mobile workforces.