Logan Simpson Design (LSD) utilizes TerraGo Edge to help it provide award-winning services including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance, permitting, biology resources, cultural resources, Clean Water Act, environmental monitoring, landscape architecture and environmental planning services. "TerraGo Edge opens up the possibility for our field teams to fully integrate data collection and mapping, while allowing us to navigate easily when working beyond the reach of cellular service." said Craig Johnson, Environmental Group Manager at Logan Simpson. Learn More.

Environmental managers are increasingly reliant on accurate, detailed location-based intelligence for monitoring impacts of human development on natural resources and better sustainable conservation practices.

From impacts of stormwater run-off in urban areas to understanding the role of deforestation on global climate change, environmental organizations utilize vast amounts of data sources to produce maps and detailed reports for monitoring these issues -which require efficient workflows between the analyst in the office, personnel in the field and other agencies.

TerraGo’s GeoPDF® technology provides environmental organizations effective collaboration tools to easily transport and share data. Analysts at headquarters can create a GeoPDF map containing satellite imagery and other geospatial rich content that can be quickly consumed and displayed on a laptop or mobile device in the field. Personnel in the field can then make updates by adding current, georeferenced multimedia information and then immediately sync that information back to headquarters. The resulting geospatial and location intelligence information can then be shared within the enterprise or between organizations and disparate systems.

With continued population growth and increasing pressures on ecosystems and natural resources, environmental managers require tools that allow them to better monitor human impacts on our planet and make informed decisions for sustainable development. GeoPDF provides environmental professionals with the tools that to analyze and easily share up-to-date field intelligence and location-based information –simplifying workflows and increasing efficiency in their roles as environmental stewards.

When it comes to the environment, accurate, detailed data and location-based intelligence are important to the sustainability and growth of an area. From erosion surveys to water quality reports, there is a vast amount of useful data that could improve land conditions. Without a good system in place to keep track of this data and monitor trends in real time, it’s difficult to make informed planning decisions and monitor potential risks.

TerraGo Edge makes it easy for field workers to record observations and immediately sync that information back to home base. Watch environmental indicators change in real-time from the comfort of your dashboard back home.

Regulatory agencies or other project managers can use TerraGo Edge to create notebooks with tasks, assign workflows, design custom forms and load maps, offline. These notebooks can then be assigned to teams to use offsite - even in remote locations without connectivity - which is quite common when inspecting areas off the grid.

For example, forms can be created to monitor erosion levels, retention wall conditions and terrain type. They could also be used to monitor water quality (pH, oxygen level, algae type) and compare it to the fish population in an area.

TerraGo Edge allows you to simplify workflows, increase visibility, reduce costs and make better decisions with the most up-to-date field data, intelligence and location-based information, all in one place.