Oil and Gas

"The ability to create custom field apps utilizing TerraGo Magic - without writing any code – provides a level of speed and flexibility we have never been able to achieve through traditional software development methods. Working with TerraGo has always been like having our own development team, and Magic enhances our ability to instantly tailor mobile solutions unique to the project requirements across the energy sector. The amount of money we save, and the savings we can pass on to our customers is a game changer – and the technology has improved our delivery across the board." said Lance Fugate, Project Manager at Enmapp, a leading provider of pipeline management services to North America’s largest oil and gas companies. Learn More.

In the oil and gas industry, the ability to share timely and accurate location intelligence is critical. Whether sharing data on new drilling opportunities, monitoring exploration or collaborating with field workers, it’s vital to quickly and securely get the right maps to the right people.

By integrating TerraGo GeoPDF® technology into GIS workflows, oil and gas professionals can quickly produce, access, update and share complex, multi-layer geospatial information with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

GeoPDF allows users to access geospatial data on laptops, desktops and mobile devices. GeoPDF maps are compact, so they load quickly, making them ideal for sharing data with field workers and transporting them to the most remote locations – especially in an area without Internet access. Executives can also gain a real-time view of what’s happening in the field so they can make better decisions. From lease, zoning and permit information to transportation logistics, TerraGo’s software solutions provide a common operating picture that streamlines workflows to make business decisions quickly and improve bottom line performance.

Read more on streamlining the flow of petroleum intelligence using GeoPDFs in The Definitive Guide to Sharing Oil and Gas Maps.

In the oil & gas industry, companies are exploring the earth’s most remote geographies and hostile terrains, while maintaining millions of miles of pipeline and moving assets by road, sea and air. The timeliness and accuracy of data collected from remote sites is essential to the efficiency and reliability of global operations. Clearly, paper forms and cumbersome, manual processes are not up to the task.

From pipeline inspection to oil discovery, TerraGo Edge, or by extension any TerraGo Magic custom app, makes it easy to record observations and immediately sync that information back to headquarters or share with other field workers. No more waiting years, months, or even days for survey or inspection results. Better decisions are made faster. Corrective actions are taken immediately.

Project managers can use TerraGo Edge to create notebooks with tasks, custom forms, workflows and offline maps. These notebooks can then be assigned to teams to use offsite, even in remote locations without connectivity.

TerraGo Edge enables timely, accurate and complete structured data collection, with forms that can be used for numerous reports including pipeline alignment, inspection surveys, federal compliance filings and many more. TerraGo Edge naturally supports unstructured data collection, so on-the-spot observations can be immediately turned into tasks, and urgent operational issues can be met with an equally rapid response. As it’s all happening, TerraGo Edge is syncing this data back to headquarters, enabling a real-time view of what’s happening in the field, so oil and gas executives can make profitable business decisions. The collaboration possibilities are endless.

Simplify your workflow, increase project visibility and reduce costs by using TerraGo Edge to manage, monitor and gain insight from your field crews, mobile workforce and vendors.