Public Safety

Public Safety

The Dewberry Hurricane Preparedness team selected the TerraGo® platform to deliver maps showing a comprehensive picture of their emergency preparedness and disaster response findings to their clients. Using TerraGo, Dewberry now has the ability to produce customized GeoPDF® maps and imagery using its existing Esri ArcGIS® assets and deliver those maps to non-GIS field users, who are often working in offline environments. Learn More.

Public safety personnel, such as policemen, firemen and EMTs, face the challenge of quickly being able to access relevant location and geospatial intelligence that provides key insights to help prepare for special events and/or respond to 911 calls. Users need to be familiar with the geography and infrastructure of their jurisdiction in order to effectively patrol the area. Not having the right information at the right time can prove disastrous.

TerraGo’s GeoPDF® technology enables public safety organizations to discover, analyze and filter location and geospatial intelligence and quickly deliver the most relevant information to officers, firemen and EMTs.

TerraGo makes it easy to quickly distribute intelligent geospatial maps and imagery that officers can use for a more accurate view of the situation and area. Officers don’t require special GIS training or software to easily access and share this intelligence in the field, make real-time updates and route back to headquarters for further analysis.

Learn how Carbon County, Montana relies upon TerraGo to generate a comprehensive digital atlas to improve their public safety response system.

When it comes to public safety, data is critical to watching changing trends and planning accordingly. From police and emergency responder reports to fire damage surveys, there is a constant need to have accurate and up-to-date information. Today, that data is often collected by field agents using paper forms. Unfortunately, sending those forms back to headquarters for analysis is a slow and manual process.

TerraGo Edge makes it easy for field workers to record observations and immediately sync that information back to home base or headquarters. No more waiting months, or even days for survey or inspection results.

Administrators can use TerraGo Edge to create notebooks with tasks, custom forms and offline maps. These notebooks can then be assigned to teams to use offsite, even in remote locations without connectivity.

For example, forms could be created for police incident reports. By using structured fields to document the crime type (theft, assault, etc) and tying those notes to a geolocation, trends could be analyzed and police forces could be reassigned to high-risk areas. For other public emergencies such as fires or flooding, location-based data would also help agencies decide where to allocate their forces and prevent loss of life and property damage.

Simplify your workflow, increase project visibility be able to quickly analyze and execute on collected data by using TerraGo Edge to manage your mobile workforces.