"Honestly, my favorite part about TerraGo Edge is that it's just easy to use. It's easy to use in the field and it's easy to get information and reports out whenever we need them. The challenge is always how to figure out the right forms and inspection workflow. We have hundreds of codes and things change over time. With Edge, we can customize our forms and process today, and know we can adjust things in the future." - Doug Taylor, Director of Levees, Dams and Reservoirs at the Louisiana Department of Transportation.

Transportation agencies must regularly communicate with many other organizations, including local and federal authorities. The challenge is extracting rich maps and imagery from complex GIS systems and quickly delivering the most relevant data and intelligence to these organizations for improved understanding. Transportation agencies need the ability to streamline the geospatial and location intelligence workflow, improve communications and extend the value of their GIS system investment.

TerraGo’s GeoPDF® technology allows agencies to more easily and effectively plan for road construction projects with up-to-date location and geospatial intelligence, to improve communications and collaboration when working with authorities on assessments after a major storm that causes road damage, and more. Additionally, with GeoPDF, transportation agencies can quickly provide crews with essential information, such as imagery and maps integrated with multimedia and relevant open source data, for managing road, railway and airport infrastructure, and ensuring effective incident response when natural or man-made disasters strike. The result is a more operationally efficient transportation system that works hand-in-hand with related agencies, companies and authorities.

GeoPDF makes it easy to discover, analyze and filter unstructured and structured data that improves situational awareness. For example, when preparing for an impending storm, agencies can effectively map road intersections, traffic lights that need to be timed to accommodate evacuation and share this information with all relevant parties for improved organization.

In the transportation industry, maintenance of millions of miles of road and railroad track is a difficult task. Assets can be spread miles apart and in regions without connectivity. Reporting back equipment conditions is currently a slow, tedious task.

TerraGo Edge makes it easy for field workers to record observations and immediately sync that information back to home base or headquarters. No more waiting months for survey or inspection results.

Project managers can use TerraGo Edge to create notebooks with tasks, custom forms and offline maps. These notebooks can then be assigned to teams to use offsite, even in remote locations without connectivity.

For example, forms could be created for field crews to inspect highways. With GPS coordinates, you can accurately pinpoint potholes, asphalt conditions or road grade. For railroads, maintenance of equipment can be monitored (railroad ties and joints). Transportation accidents can also easily be reported with mobile devices using these form fields (collision type, number of injuries, etc).

Simplify your workflow, increase project visibility and reduce costs by using TerraGo Edge to manage your mobile workforces, field crews and vendors.