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TerraGo Edge 4.5 Release Notes

TerraGo Edge 4, Version 4.5, is a patch release which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for iOS and Android apps, and TerraGo Edge application servers.

TerraGo Edge 4.2 Release Notes

  • Filter By Cluster: The new cluster filtering functionality gives users the ability to select a group of notes on a map that share a single location, and see each one in a list data view. When selecting a note cluster that contains notes that have the same or very similar location, the app will automatically filter out other notes not in the cluster.
  • New, Improved GeoPDF Import: When opening or importing GeoPDF files, the processing now happens directly on the device. With this new functionality, users can now import GeoPDF files in offline environments with no internet connection.

Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 4.1.7 Release Notes

TerraGo Edge 4, Version 4.1.7, is a patch release which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for iOS and Android apps, and TerraGo Edge application servers.

TerraGo Edge 4.1.4 Release Notes

TerraGo Edge 4, Version 4.1.4, is a patch release which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for iOS and Android apps, and TerraGo Edge application servers.

TerraGo Edge 4.1.3 Release Notes

TerraGo Edge 4, Version 4.1.3, is a patch release which includes bug fixes and performance enhancements for iOS and Android apps, and TerraGo Edge application servers.

TerraGo Edge 4.1 Release Notes

New Advanced Mobile Mapping Features for Last Mile Directions

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Automatically navigate to specific locations in TerraGo Edge using Apple® and Google® directions and maps.
  • Extended Waypoint Guidance and Proximity Alerts: View remaining distance and direction to specific waypoints on a map in TerraGo Edge to locate off-road assets. Configurable proximity alerts will indicate when you're close to your destination.

Laser Range Finder Integration

  • GPS Offset Mapping: Remotely capture points, lines, and polygons with high-accuracy using a laser range finder to accelerate data collection work, map difficult to reach locations and minimize physical movements.
  • TruPulse® Certified Integration: Seamless integration with Laser Technology’s (LTI) top of the line, professional-grade laser range finders.

Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

Learn more about how to use the above features in the KB articles, How to Use Point-to-Point Navigation and Waypoint Guidance and Using Laser Range Finder to Capture Location.

TerraGo Edge 4.0 Release Notes

Improved Mobile App User Experience

  • Re-imagined User Experience: We have completely rebuilt the Edge mobile user interface incorporating both years of user feedback from the field and interactive design cycles with live users.
  • Responsive Split Screen View: When holding your tablet or larger mobile device in landscape mode, new split screens will automatically allow you to view lists/maps or lists/details all on one screen.
  • Detailed List View: The new detailed list view shows more of your important note data making it easier than ever to find the notes you’re looking for and enables one-tap actions directly from the list.

New Field Data Collection and Data Management Features

  • Tabbed App Navigation: With the new, easier to reach tabbed navigation, it’s easier than ever to collect data in the field. You are always one tap away from the data or feature you need to do your job.
  • Quick Capture Button: Allows you to create notes, complete forms, take photos, drop points and draw lines/polygons from virtually anywhere in the app, with only one tap.
  • One-Tap Forms and Maps Lists: Now you can view all your form templates, and instantly create notes using them, or view all your offline maps and directly access them, from one master list.
  • Unlimited Attachments: Now you can attach as many forms, photos or videos as you would like to a single note. No more having to choose between multiple forms, documents or media attachments.

Enhanced Mapping Options

  • Google® and Apple® maps: Standard, satellite and hybrid maps are available for data collection and are paired with new precise location pin icons for a cutting edge data collection experience.
  • Precise Location: Capture a more accurate location when creating notes by using the center crosshair target and coordinate level accuracy for dropping points and drawing lines/polygons.
  • Filter by Map Extent: This new feature keeps the notes on your map and in your list dynamically in sync, just one more way to make it easier to navigate an area of interest and find the notes you need.
  • Quick Basemap Preview: Preview your online and offline basemaps in real-time from the selection screen to easily choose the map you’re looking for with one tap and no toggling back & forth.

New Tool for Esri ArcGIS Integration

  • New Arc2Edge ArcGIS Desktop Plug-in: Enable ArcGIS Desktop users to share maps and GIS features with TerraGo Edge mobile users to access in the field, and roundtrip feature data updates back to ArcGIS.

Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

Note: The new version is available on the app stores as TerraGo Edge 4. If you are currently running TerraGo Edge 3.9.8 or earlier, learn more about important upgrade instructions and FAQs in this KB Article.

TerraGo Edge 3.9.8 Release Notes

New Features:

 TerraGo Edge ArcGIS® Direct Connect

  • Connect TerraGo Edge server seamlessly to Esri® ArcGIS Online® or ArcGIS Server®;

  • Once you entered valid user credentials for ArcGIS Online or Server and have successfully connected, there will be an additional ArcGIS Connect import and export option available from your TerraGo Edge server;

  • Directly import ArcGIS feature layers with custom attributes from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server into TerraGo Edge to update attributes and add new features in the field with the TerraGo Edge app;

  • Utilize ArcGIS Online basemaps and map tile layers with TerraGo Edge notebooks, workflows and mobile users;

  • Seamlessly export attribute updates and newly added features from TerraGo Edge to ArcGIS Online or Server.

Learn how to utilize this feature in this KB Article.

Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

TerraGo Edge 3.9.7 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Trimble® GNSS IntegrationTerraGo Edge now comes with direct, out-of-the-box support for Trimble’s industry-leading, high accuracy surveying solutions including the Trimble R10, R8, R2 and R1 GNSS receivers, providing a range of flexible options for achieving sub-meter to centimeter accuracies on smartphones and tablets. As an approved Trimble development partner, TerraGo has integrated Trimble’s GNSS Direct SDK on both iOS and Android for professionals who need to collect field data in a variety of precision applications. Learn how to pair a Trimble GNSS device with TerraGo Edge in this KB article.

  • GeoPackage Raster DataTerraGo Edge further extends its support of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC®) GeoPackage by enabling the direct, on-mobile-device import of a raster map and vector features from a single OGC GeoPackage. Just access the GeoPackage on your mobile device running the TerraGo Edge mobile app, then “Open In” Edge and a notebook with notes, form templates and an offline map will be created automatically. GeoPackage is an open, standards-based, application-independent, portable, interoperable and self-describing geospatial data container that enables sharing across platforms and mobile devices. Learn how to import a Raster GeoPackage in this KB article.

  • Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.6 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Automate note names with custom form fields:
    Now you can configure the advanced one-click QuickNote! workflow feature, per notebook, to default the note name to the entry of a specific form template field so that the note is easily distinguishable based on your specific field data collection projects and requirements. Learn how in this KB Article.
  • Attach maps and forms to multiple notebooks simultaneously:
    Speed up your field project preparation efforts or your data management activities by using this new feature, which will allow you to select an individual offline map or form template, and easily and quickly attach them to many notebooks at the same time by simply selecting the desired notebooks from a list. Learn how in this KB Article.
  • Import multiple GeoPDF’s and GeoTIFF’s simultaneously:
    You have always able to support your offline map requirements for your field data collection projects by running the GeoPDF/GeoTIFF import process in parallel, but now you will be able to select from your file manager or drag & drop many GeoPDFs and/or GeoTIFFs at the same time for that same parallel processing. Learn how in this KB Article.
  • New media filenames to help associate media to projects:
    We have updated the media (pictures, videos and audio files) filename process to now include notebook name, note name, and a time and date stamp, so when you export your critical field data, you will now be able to easily identify and relate your media files to your organization's projects and features.
  • New tools to support ArcGIS and enterprise integration:
    ArcGIS® and enterprise integration is now easier than ever using the TerraGo Edge REST API with the addition of sample code for every Edge REST endpoint provided to you via the very popular Postman API utility, which will bring you a significant level of efficiency while integrating and maintaining your systems with Edge.
  • Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.5 Release Notes

New Features:

Measurement Tool

This powerful new tool allows users to measure and save distances, perimeters and areas for all types of map features, including:

1. the distance of a single line segment,
2. each segment of a multi-line segment,
3. the total distance of a multi-line segment,
4. the perimeter of a polygon, and
5. the area of a polygon.

The measurement tool is fully configurable per user and per device. You can select:

1. to turn measurement display on and off,
2. which specific measurements to display,
3. the unit of measure for display, and
4. the measurement type - static or dynamic.

And it doesn’t end there; these measurements are permanently stored with each Edge Note. So, they are available for all users to view and export. The measurement tool is available on all Edge platforms including Web, iOS and Android.

Required Form Field Management

This new required field setting allows you select the treatment and user options for required fields. The setting is configurable per form and provides three enforcement options including:

1. No Warning or RestrictionDisplay a blue asterisk/required tag on each required field, but no action required by the user if the fields are not completed correctly;

2. Warning and Allowed to SaveDisplay a blue asterisk/required tag on each required field, plus an alert message pop-up when tapping “done” that warns the user and lists of all the required fields that are not completed, but permits the user to “go-back” to finish or “continue” to save;

3. Restriction and Not Allowed to SaveDisplay a blue asterisk/required tag on each required field, plus an alert message pop-up when tapping “done” that warns the user and lists of all the required fields that are not completed, but forces them to “go-back” to finish and will not allow them to save the Form until they have completed all of the required fields.

Also, whenever a user “goes back” to a form to complete the required fields, Edge will “zoom” them to the first required field that is incomplete.

GeoPackage Raster Data Support

The existing GeoPackage import capability in Edge Web, which currently imports the vector features as Edge Notes, has been expanded to also include the import of the raster layers from the GeoPackage. Importing creates an offline basemap in Edge, which in turn can be shared with any mobile Edge user to support offline data collection in the field.

Updated Online and Offline Maps

The default, free online basemap sources in Edge now include OpenStreetMap Standard, Cycle, Transport and Humanitarian; Stamen Terrain, Toner and Watercolor; CartoDB Positron and Dark Matter; and USGS Topo, ImageryOnly, ImageryTopo, Hydro-NHD and Hill Shade. Offline maps can be created from the Stamen, CartoDB and USGS map sources.

Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

TerraGo Edge 3.9.4 Release Notes

New Features:

Notebook Data Streaming 

The new and improved Notebook download process includes new innovative synchronization methods and leverages new standard platform technologies for better resilience and reliability, as well as optimization of the data being transmitted for increased performance.

New Self-Service Knowledge Base

The new TerraGo knowledge base brings together all the helpful content you need to learn more about using TerraGo Edge. With the new mobile ready website, you get answers to getting started with Edge, frequently asked questions, on-demand video tutorials, and technical documentation, all in one easily searchable place with the ability to access from within the Edge mobile app or a web browser. Check out the TerraGo Knowledge Base to view these helpful resources here.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.3 Release Notes

New Features:

GeoPackage (SQLite) Import and Export on Mobile

You can now easily import your standard OGC GeoPackage (SQLite) database directly on your iOS or Android device running TerraGo Edge. And it’s easy! All you need to do is “open in” Edge with your GeoPackage from email, dropbox, hyperlink or however you access it from your mobile device. It will process in minutes and create Edge notebooks, notes and forms directly in your Edge database on your mobile device. If your GeoPackage is embedded in a GeoPDF, then you will have the option to create an offline map as well as import the notes, at the same time. Once you have updated existing data and/or added new data collected in the field, you will be able to quickly and easily export this data back out to a standard OGC GeoPackage for a full “round trip” of this data back to the source GIS or other enterprise system. This combined GeoPDF and GeoPackage import simultaneous processing was also added to the Edge Server in this release.

EdgeMap Optimizer!

The new EdgeMap Optimizer feature makes it easy for you to create the best possible mapping experience for your mobile users in the field by automatically selecting the best resolution (DPI) for your offline maps. As an alternative, there will also be a manual selector for explicit control over the resolution (DPI) of your offline maps during the create and import processes. For users importing offline maps directly on their mobile devices the optimizer will be used by default. A new import map progress bar has been added to the Edge mobile apps in this release.

Form Template Selection Field Enhancements

A new search function has been added to single and multimultiple selection fields on Edge Forms. This search which will allow field users to perform a simple and dynamic text search on all of the options they can choose from to in order to respond to a question or complete a data collection obligation. This new user productivity feature will decrease the time and lower the costs of field data collection while increasing the accuracy of critical data that’s collected. A default selection and a “none selected” option were also added to Edge Forms in this release.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.2 Release Notes

New Features:

QuickNote! - The QuickNote feature allows for fast and easy field data collection for repetitive and similar workflows by reducing the number of choices a user needs to make while collecting data in the field. By enabling the QuickNote feature, which can be customized per notebook definition, a user who has downloaded this notebook to their mobile device, will be presented with the QuickNote option whenever they create a new note which will:

  1. default the geometry type to a point
  2. default the location method to current GPS location
  3. default the form template customized per notebook definition and immediately take the user directly into that form for completion
  4. default the note name customized per notebook definition, before automatically saving.

This process can be quickly repeated over and over again to save time and money during field data collection.

Notebook Access Control

  • The notebook access control feature allows you to organize your notebooks, and all related resources, according to your organization structure, company divisions, field team groups and/or mobile data collection projects. By utilizing notebook access control, your mobile data collection becomes more efficient because your field users only see the notebooks that are relevant for them and their specific job(s). Notebook access control will also support your company’s data security policies because the notebook creators and Edge administrators can restrict access to notebooks, and all related resources, such as maps, form templates and notes, so that only the users or groups that have been given authorization will have access to those notebooks.

GeoPackage (SQLite) Export on Edge Server

  • A new export format has been added to the ever expanding list of supported formats in TerraGo Edge. Now you can export directly from the Edge Server to a standard OGC GeoPackage, an open format for geospatial information stored in a SQLite database.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.1 Release Notes

New Features:

Import GeoPDF with “Open In” – When users have access to a GeoPDF map as an email attachment, downloaded file or hyperlink, they can easily import directly from the app on their mobile devices; also supports GeoTIFF and Edge files.

New free mobile app for iOS and Android:

  • New login screen - Gives the user the option to use the free version or login;
  • Import file basemaps - Gives free users the same new feature described above for opening GeoPDF, GeoTIFF and Edge files.
  • In-app forms and sample data – Access to more sample data and new forms with smart form features;

Share – Share Edge files with other Edge users; or a PDF to share with non-Edge users.mobile device; also supports GeoTIFF and Edge file types.

Enhanced RTK support for Edge iOS:

  • Edge on your mobile device now supports a second communication protocol, which allows for an external GPS to connect to an RTK network through your mobile device and send corrected and highly accurate coordinates to TerraGo Edge.

Dynamic BT device list for Edge Android:

  • Ability to dynamically add any bluetooth enabled GPS device that has been paired to your Android device to your list of useable Edge GPS devices.

GeoPackage Import on Edge server:

  • New import format added to the ever expanding list of supported formats in TerraGo Edge, now you can import a GeoPDF with GeoPackage or just the GeoPackage, directly into the Edge server.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.9.0 Release Notes

New Features:

New Advanced Task Management: Improved overall task management workflow.

  • Edge Task Notifications - Automatically sends a push notification to a mobile Edge app user when they are assigned an Edge tasknote. If that user decides to “open” the notification, they will be automatically taken to that specific task. If the Edge notebook that contains that task is not already downloaded, the user will be automatically taken to the notebook download screen and given the option to download that notebook.
  • My Edge TaskNotes Filter – is a persistent filter setting in the TerraGo Edge mobile apps that will allow an Edge user to easily view only their own Edge tasknotes by default.

Esri File Geodatabase Export: Esri’s most popular format added to ever-growing list.

  • Export your selected Edge notebooks and notes, including all feature and attribute data, directly to one or many standard-formatted, portable Esri file geodatabases, which can then be imported or accessed by Esri ArcGIS or any other application that support the file geodatabase format.

Edge REST API Enhancements: Extending Edge features available to REST API users:

  • Geospatial filter allows you to select Edge notes based on a geographical area as defined by a bounding region.
  • User management endpoint allows you to create, read, update and delete Edge users and mobile devices.
  • Export format type parameter allows you to export Edge notebooks and notes to .shp, .gdb, .kml, .json, .csv, .pdf and .edge formats.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.8.1 Release Notes

New Features:

Notebook Download Enhancements: User features, productivity and performance improvements

  • Background processing – lets users move on to other tasks during download
  • Simultaneous downloads – allows users to load multiple notebooks at same time
  • Note counter – view number of notes included in notebook before you start a download
  • Progress bar – easily see the progress status of downloads
  • Download cancel button – flexibility to cancel a download in process

File Geodatabase Import: Esri’s most popular format added to ever-growing list of data options

  • Drag & drop – intuitive user interface for import
  • Notebook/note layer selection – lets users organize data for the task at hand
  • Note name customization – ability to flexibly apply naming conventions
  • Note/form template counter – displays number of notes/forms in import
  • Progress bar – easily see status of imports

Edge REST API Enhancements: Extending Edge features available to REST API users

  • Offline maps, filters, sorting
  • Note search and full-text search feature end-points
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

  TerraGo Edge 3.8.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Auto-record GPS Lines and Polygons - Automatically record GPS lines and polygons (also known as “streaming”) on your mobile device using the TerraGo Edge App, to improve the efficiency of field data collection. Continuously add vertices from your GPS position at defined intervals as you move, to create an electronic breadcrumb trail that shows the path you have traveled.
  • Edge Server REST API - Integrate your applications directly with TerraGo Edge Server functionality using simple HTTP methods in JSON format, with any programming language, on any platform, and utilizing OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication. The TerraGo Edge Server REST API is Swagger™-enabled, the world’s most popular API framework, which provides a simple API representation, interactive documentation, and client SDK generation.
  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  TerraGo Edge 3.7.1 Release Notes

  • Minor updates and bug fixes

TerraGo Edge 3.7.0 Release Notes

New Features:

Advanced Form Creation with Smart Forms:

  • Form groups – new form element to organize multiple related fields within a form
  • Conditional fields – new attribute for radio button, combo or checkbox so additional fields only appear when needed, based on user entry
  • Barcode and QR code support – instantly scans standard codes and eliminates manual entry
  • Repeating fields and groups – new attribute to dynamically “add another row”
  • Expand/collapse – new feature to expand or collapse all groups and repeating fields
  • Calculated fields – new form element to define a calculated result using other form field values
  • Multiple form attachments – ability to attach two or more forms to a single Note
  • Automatic progressive saving of form data

Data Collection Enhancements:

  • Custom note names for shapefile imports
  • Removal of old form templates

Expanded GIS and GPS Integration:

  • High Accuracy CHC GPS receiver integration – X20i (Sub-foot (30 cm) WAAS), X91i (Centimeter (8mm))
  • Esri® ArcGIS® Online enhancements - access to custom basemaps on ArcGIS Online

TerraGo Edge 3.6.1 Release Notes

 New features:

  • Sub-meter and cm precision with SXBlue and EOS GPS receivers for iOS and Android
  • Polygon and polyline note support added on iPhone and Android
  • Auto-drawing polygons and polylines from GPS points
  • Multi-note view on iPhone and Android
  • KML import and export added togrowing list of data interfaces, improves Google Earth integration
  • New "over-zoom" feature allows extreme map zooming on all devices and basemaps
  • Brand new basemap source options
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Note: In iOS 8.4 released on July 1, 2015, Apple corrects known issues with various GPS receivers introduced by Apple in version iOS 8.3.

TerraGo Edge 3.5.2 Release Notes (Web and Android Only)

Priority Issues Closed:

  • Web: Shapefile Import : Support for '.prj' file and ability to import shapefiles that have location defined in other projections that are not WGS-84.
  • Web: Shapefile Import : UI change to make the '.prj' format file as optional file to import shape files
  • Web: System settings - User locator : When the 'Show user locations to' is set to 'Admins only', the 'Show user locator' checkbox is not showed in the Notes Map view.
  • Web: License expiration : Once the Server license has expired, the users will not be able to log into the application. It throws error as 'Internal server error occured. Please contact your system administrator for support'.
  • Web: Form Note - Export as 'Shape files' : When date or time fields in the form template are empty, exporting such a form notes throws up the below message ”None of Notes are processed”. But it works fine, when date or time fields has values
  • Web: Form Note - Date & Time component : If form template contains two or more date and time field in the web, Date or time field values are not displayed in the UI for the date and time fields other than the first one, even though those fields have value in database.
  • Web: iPAD allows users to create a polygon with 2 points. When this note is synced to the server the note is saved as a note with no location on the server.
  • Android: Corrected minor GPS location data capture and display issues

TerraGo Edge 3.5.1 Release Notes

Priority Issues Closed:

  • Web: Corrected minor issue in creation of offline maps
  • iOS: Corrected a display issue with some GPS location data in notes captured in android and downloaded in iOS
  • iOS: Corrected an issue related to changing of maps in the create note screen
  • iOS: Corrected an issue when in tutorial mode and the user opens the license file
  • iOS: Corrected an issue related to location services running in background

TerraGo Edge 3.5.0 Release Notes

New features:

  • BadElf integration for iOS provides extended GPS metadata and accuracy beyond 5m increments
  • Android support for any NMEA GPS device
  • Brand new home screen with map access for simpler data collection
  • Shapefile import and export (WGS84)
  • Poly-line support for Edge Server and iPad

TerraGo Edge 3.4.1 Release Notes

Priority issues closed:

  • Photo Metadata - Edge Server and Android - Photo metadata previously showed a default date and time instead of actual data
  • Form editing - Edge Server - Reordering of form elements would cause some data to be lost
  • PDF Export - iOS7 - Export of a form to PDF format in iOS7 only (iOS8 unaffected) would crash
  • Minor UX changes: Added "m" to indicate meters for accuracy. Updated PDF export icon.

TerraGo Edge 3.4.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Real-time GPS monitor while capturing notes (# of satellites, accuracy level, heading, etc)
  • Capture button to save current GPS state into a note
  • Display of photo metadata such as resolution, location, and more
  • Additional offline map sources (USGS, CartoDB, Stamen)
  • Sync now and sync status for phone interfaces

TerraGo Edge 3.3.1 Release Notes

New Features:

  • New "Try Now" button that enables you to trial the TerraGo Edge mobile clients without a login
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

TerraGo Edge 3.3 Release Notes

TerraGo Edge is now available on Android devices running at least 4.0, and is optimized for Android Lollipop 5.0.

New features:

  • Advanced form fields:  New field types for date, time, and currency type
  • Signature fields:  Use your touch devices to create and view signatures within your forms
  • Report creator:  Now you can create PDF reports from your notes and form data

Priority Issues Closed:

  • iOS:  Performance improvements
  • iOS:  Retina displays now show high resolution tiles in a larger format
  • iPad:  Added ability to turn off clustering on maps
  • Web:  Fixed some map views with WMS overlays defaulting on
  • Web:  Improved user locator task assignment


TerraGo Edge 3.2.0 Release Notes

New features:

  • User locator:  Track the location of your workers in the field in real-time along side their tasks
  • Bulk import photos to notes:  Send photos from your camera roll to TerraGo Edge as location based notes (iOS8+)
  • New note type:  Attach Multiple - Easily attach multiple photos, videos, and other file attachments all in a single note

Priority Issues Closed:

  • Polygon notes created on iOS don’t sync to server
  • Alternative character sets aren’t displayed properly on the web
  • Photos transferred as raw PNG format
  • Improved clustering logic


TerraGo Edge 3.1.0 Release Notes

New features:

  • WMS and map overlays – Use your existing imagery in the field and on your desktop by configuring a web map service (WMS)
  • ESRI basemaps – Have an existing Esri account?  You can now login and use these basemaps as an alternative to Open Street Maps
  • WFS – TerraGo Edge Server can now act as a web feature service (WFS) server. 
  • Offline maps for iPhone – iPhone now can switch between online and offline maps with a menu toggle
  • iOS8 support

 Edge 3.1 Priority Issues Closed

  • Web:  Can now maximize photos in notes
  • Web:  Multi-select of notes and tasks improved
  • iOS:  Notegroups no longer are appended to every note after syncing from the web
  • iOS:  Bundled world offline map no longer crashes in iOS7
  • iOS8 fixes:  Form select boxes and radio buttons now working properly
  • 48 total issues resolved

Important notes/known issues:

  • In order to sync with TerraGo Edge Server, please make sure both your iOS client and server are running 3.1.  If versions mismatch they will not sync.
  • If you are having issues viewing Esri base maps in your client app, please delete the app and reinstall from the app store.  Upgrades from 3.0.2 -> 3.1 may break the Esri connection.


TerraGo Edge Server 3.02 Release Notes

New Features

  • Sharing using DropBox
  • Viewing and editing of revisions
  • Simplified installation (bundled JRE, command script, auto launch app, etc)
  • Simplified server setup (server settings and licensing screens)

Priority Issues Closed

  • Task notes are not always synced with “In Progress” status
  • Server does not need to be restarted for server settings to save properly
  • When activating a new license, the screen now refreshes with the updated expiration date instead of showing “Fail”
  • Licensing emails used the same license code for all devices
  • When adding a notegroup on the iPad, all future notes synced would be added to that notegroup
  • Forms with > 16 fields sometimes will not save data
  • Forms syncing with data in incorrect fields
  • Various crashes when savings settings

TerraGo Edge iOS Client 3.0.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • Sharing using DropBox

Priority Issues Closed

  • Unable to edit a polygon shape
  • When no GPS is available, don’t use 0,0 as default coordinates
  • Tapping on a photo in a form field now displays properly in full screen
  • Photos are now displayed with proper aspect ratio and no cropping
  • Added save notification on create note screen (+ button flash)
  • When attaching a form, only forms from that notebook are now available, not all forms on device
  • Unable to attach audio file within a form
  • Filtering and sorting don’t persist across views
  • A note with a location set on the web loses location when synced to iOS
  • Tapping and holding on preview map in create map does not drop pin