TerraGo Composer Releases

3D GeoPDF: The 3D GeoPDF Model Creator Tool has been enhanced to support methods for reducing the size of imagery used to compose 3D GeoPDF scenes. These methods include:

  • Denoising, or reducing the entropy or random noise associated with an image to allow for more efficient compression
  • Downsampling, or reducing the total number of pixels in an image, by one of three different algorithms that trade of speed for quality:
    • Faster Processing (Cubic)
    • Balanced speed and quality (Lanczos)
    • Maximum quality (Blackman-Harris)

[Note: Downsampling is a form of denoising, and while not mutually exclusive, adding denoising to a downsampling operation is likely to increase processing time with no commensurate improvement in compression.]

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Composer Release notes.