TerraGo Edge Releases

Priority Issues Closed (Web and Android only):

  • Web: Shapefile Import : Support for '.prj' file and ability to import shapefiles that have location defined in other projections that are not WGS-84.
  • Web: Shapefile Import : UI change to make the '.prj' format file as optional file to import shape files
  • Web: System settings - User locator : When the 'Show user locations to' is set to 'Admins only', the 'Show user locator' checkbox is not showed in the Notes Map view.
  • Web: License expiration : Once the Server license has expired, the users will not be able to log into the application. It throws error as 'Internal server error occured. Please contact your system administrator for support'.
  • Web: Form Note - Export as 'Shape files' : When date or time fields in the form template are empty, exporting such a form notes throws up the below message ”None of Notes are processed”. But it works fine, when date or time fields has values
  • Web: Form Note - Date & Time component : If form template contains two or more date and time field in the web, Date or time field values are not displayed in the UI for the date and time fields other than the first one, even though those fields have value in database.
  • Web: iPAD allows users to create a polygon with 2 points. When this note is synced to the server the note is saved as a note with no location on the server.
  • Android: Corrected minor GPS location data capture and display issues

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Edge Release Notes