TerraGo Edge Releases

New Features:

Import GeoPDF with “Open In” – When users have access to a GeoPDF map as an email attachment, downloaded file or hyperlink, they can easily import directly from the app on their mobile devices; also supports GeoTIFF and Edge files.

New free mobile app for iOS and Android:

  • New login screen - Gives the user the option to use the free version or login;
  • Import file basemaps - Gives free users the same new feature described above for opening GeoPDF, GeoTIFF and Edge files.
  • In-app forms and sample data – Access to more sample data and new forms with smart form features;
  • Share – Share Edge files with other Edge users; or a PDF to share with non-Edge users.mobile device; also supports GeoTIFF and Edge file types.

Enhanced RTK support for Edge iOS:

  • Edge on your mobile device now supports a second communication protocol, which allows for an external GPS to connect to an RTK network through your mobile device and send corrected and highly accurate coordinates to TerraGo Edge.

Dynamic BT device list for Edge Android:

  • Ability to dynamically add any bluetooth enabled GPS device that has been paired to your Android device to your list of useable Edge GPS devices.

GeoPackage Import on Edge server:

  • New import format added to the ever expanding list of supported formats in TerraGo Edge, now you can import a GeoPDF with GeoPackage or just the GeoPackage, directly into the Edge server.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Edge Release Notes