TerraGo Edge Releases

New Features:

QuickNote! - The QuickNote feature allows for fast and easy field data collection for repetitive and similar workflows by reducing the number of choices a user needs to make while collecting data in the field. By enabling the QuickNote feature, which can be customized per notebook definition, a user who has downloaded this notebook to their mobile device, will be presented with the QuickNote option whenever they create a new note which will:

1. default the geometry type to a point

2. default the location method to current GPS location

3. default the form template customized per notebook definition and immediately take the user directly into that form for completion

4. default the note name customized per notebook definition, before automatically saving.

This process can be quickly repeated over and over again to save time and money during field data collection.

Notebook Access Control

  • The notebook access control feature allows you to organize your notebooks, and all related resources, according to your organization structure, company divisions, field team groups and/or mobile data collection projects. By utilizing notebook access control, your mobile data collection becomes more efficient because your field users only see the notebooks that are relevant for them and their specific job(s). Notebook access control will also support your company’s data security policies because the notebook creators and Edge administrators can restrict access to notebooks, and all related resources, such as maps, form templates and notes, so that only the users or groups that have been given authorization will have access to those notebooks.

GeoPackage (SQLite) Export on Edge Server

  • A new export format has been added to the ever expanding list of supported formats in TerraGo Edge. Now you can export directly from the Edge Server to a standard OGC GeoPackage, an open format for geospatial information stored in a SQLite database.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Edge Release Notes