TerraGo Edge Releases

New Features:

GeoPackage (SQLite) Import and Export on Mobile

You can now easily import your standard OGC GeoPackage (SQLite) database directly on your iOS or Android device running TerraGo Edge. All you need to do is “open in” Edge with your GeoPackage from email, dropbox, hyperlink or however you access it from your mobile device. It will process in minutes and create Edge notebooks, notes and forms directly in your Edge database on your mobile device. If your GeoPackage is embedded in a GeoPDF, you will have the option to create an offline map as well as import the notes, at the same time. Once you have updated existing data and/or added new data collected in the field, you will be able to quickly and easily export this data back out to a standard OGC GeoPackage for a full “round trip” of this data back to the source GIS or other enterprise system. This combined GeoPDF and GeoPackage import simultaneous processing was also added to the Edge Server in this release.

EdgeMap Optimizer!

The new EdgeMap Optimizer feature makes it easy to create the best possible mapping experience for your mobile users in the field by automatically selecting the best resolution (DPI) for your offline maps. As an alternative, there will also be a manual selector for explicit control over the resolution (DPI) of your offline maps during the create and import processes. For users importing offline maps directly on their mobile devices the optimizer will be used by default. A new import map progress bar has been added to the Edge mobile apps in this release.

Form Template Selection Field Enhancements

A new search function has been added to single and multi selection fields on Edge Forms. This search which will allow field users to perform a simple and dynamic text search on all of the options they can choose from to in order to respond to a question or complete a data collection obligation. This new user productivity feature will decrease the time and lower the costs of field data collection while increasing the accuracy of critical data that’s collected. A default selection and a “none selected” option were also added to Edge Forms in this release.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Edge Release Notes